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About the Company

Anti-Aging Alliance Inc., an international company, founded by Mr. Jacques Dussault, who has chosen to contribute to the well-being of humanity by marketing a range of high quality Natural Products as well as a full line of Excellium Shungite products (more than 70 products) that have the distinction of protecting us from Harmful Waves.

Anti-Aging Alliance Inc., with its warehouses in Canada and Europe, currently serves more than 20 countries which includes Canada, United States, Japan, England, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Martinique, etc…

The company aims to delay the aging of your 60,000 billion cells as much as possible in order to live long enough to benefit from the great discoveries of Nano-Medicine that are fast approaching.

We have made several study trips to Russia so that our Distributors can have the knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of their therapies using Excellium Shungite. All of our products are manufactured according to our designs and specifications meeting our high quality standards constituting the “EXCELLIUM GRADE”.

Mr. Dussault also acts as Ambassador for Dr. Emoto’s World Peace Project in Canada.

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